Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but today I heard a song that really hit home. Today was a tough day for my family. But it doesn't even begin to compare to the heartbreaking day for some friends who buried their 13-year old daughter today. As someone who has experienced first-hand what it's like to bury a child, there's such a vast emptiness deep inside when child loss occurs. You feel helpless and lost. You never truly understand how much you love that child until they are gone. You're grateful for the time that was spent on this earth with them. You're grateful for the assurance that you know you will see them again in heaven for all of eternity. But while we are left here on earth, you're grateful for the "souvenirs" you have of your child. Physical, digital, and mental pictures. Memories of good times spent together laughing and just being together as a family. These souvenirs are priceless. They will make you laugh. They will make you cry. When the hard days come, My family pulls out these souvenirs and remembers.

The prayer of my family for these friends is that God will give them the grace and strength that they will need in the coming days and weeks to deal with their pain and grief. I pray that they will hold on to God, and those "souvenirs".

I'll end with some of the words to this song that hit me so hard today.

"Here’s to the twilight, here’s to the memories

these are my souvenirs, my mental pictures of everything

Here’s to the late nights, here’s to the firelight

these are my souvenirs, my souvenirs

Here’s to your bright eyes, shining like fireflies

these are my souvenirs, the memory of a lifetime"